Roasted Beet Cream Cheese Tart

Updated: May 21, 2019

You can't beet this recipe! Whether you are making this as a centerpiece for a cheese course or luncheon, serving it with bagels for breakfast, or creating other plans to enjoy this, you are sure to impress and definitely enjoy!

For many years, humans only consumed the beet greens, leaving the roots out of the picture. As healthy as the greens are, people were missing out on the health benefits the roots provide. It was not until the Roman Era that people started to use the beet roots. Napoleon started using the roots for sugar production. Beets were genetically modified and sugar beets created to be used for sugar production around the globe. Crazy!

But beet roots have incredible health value on their own. You are most likely to find the golden or dark red beets at your local grocer, but there are a few different varieties to choose from. If you purchase beets with the greens attached, cut the greens off before storing the produce. Both the greens and the beets will last longer that way. Use the leaves as you would use kale or leafy greens. Sauté them, put them into soups and vegetable dishes, toss them into your salads, etc. Definitely eat them!

Beet roots are rich with vitamin C, fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamin B folate, powerful phytonutrients, provide a unique source of betaine and also contain natural sugar for a healthy source of energy.

Using these as the root of the tart creates not only a healthy kick, but a beautiful color palate as well. You can choose one type of beet to use or mix it up to display a variety of colors.

Grab your apron, turn on some music and start cooking to the beet of your own drum!

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