THE Yummiest Coconut Mango Curry

Updated: May 21, 2019

Whether you consume animal products or whether you stick to a plant based diet, no worries! This recipe has got your back 100%.

The perfect blend of sweet, savory and awesome, the sauce is easily made in one pan, the rice in a second and your cauliflower steak or chicken breast seared-off in a third. Three pans, easy clean-up and one heck of a delicious meal.

Curry powder is a generic, westernized term for a blend of spices. The ingredients vary based on the cuisine and brand that is creating the mix. It was originally a staple ingredient in South Asian cuisines, from Indian, Pakistani, South African and Bangladeshi cuisine, but has become popular in cuisines all over the globe.

Health benefits of using curry powder in your meals include not only providing nutritional value, but helping to prevent infections, promote good digestion, detoxifies the liver, promotes metabolism and supports bone health.

If you want to read a little more about the health benefits of curry from Dr. Mercola, check this link out.

All the health benefits aside, are you excited yet? I thought I heard your tummy grumbling.

Well, grab your apron and start getting saucy!

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