Herbed Avocado & Quinoa Salad

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

A salad that everyone wants to eat? Yes please!

This salad is bright & flavorful, can be easily modified to be perfect for any diet, has a nice amount of protein as well as healthy fats and... did I say it tastes amazing?

Healthy foods don't have to be boring or complicated. Healthy food starts with fresh, quality ingredients. Choose fresh, organic produce for using in this salad. It will be worth it, trust me!

If you are able to see the interrelatedness of mind and body, sensitivity towards your body becomes much sharper. Therefore, maintaining of good health also becomes easier. -Lobsang Tenzin

When making this salad, you can swap out quinoa flakes for whole quinoa. Instead of cooking the quinoa, toast the flakes over medium-high heat in a pan along with the olive oil, Braggs, garlic & salt. Once the garlic is aromatic, remove from the heat and cool slightly before tossing with the greens.

In the photos, I omitted the cheese, but use whatever cheese makes you feel all warm and gooey inside. Shaved parmesan, feta chunks, blue cheese, vegan cheese... if you like it, use it!

Did you try this yourself? Post a photo and tag @allthingsastred!

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