The Classiest Saturday Afternoon Grill-out

Updated: May 28, 2019

Saturday afternoons are an amazing time to do a number of projects; finishing renovations in your home, taking care of your lawn and garden, isolating yourself in front of the television with Netflix and an endless supply of snacks...

But another great option, and probably the best, would be to create an impromptu grill-out with family and friends.

A lot of cities and towns have local farmer's markets to support seasonal and local produce picked to perfection by someone who lives darn close to you.

Saturday is one of the most common days for farmer's markets and people to venture out. So get up, get that cup of coffee you most likely got out of bed for and get yourself some fresh, local grub.

I ran into a couple friends at the local farmer's market and asked them to escort me home for some fine feasting. After all, I did primarily go to the market to get basil and tomatoes for a cheese-eating frenzy I was planning for myself. I would just as happily eat it with the company of good friends.

We brought home the bounty of fresh, local produce and started to create our classy Saturday afternoon grill-out.

When setting up, provide a selection of wines for your guests (or for yourself... have fun you lush, you) based on your selected cheeses, fruits, the herbs you showcase, veggies, sauces & meats. Don't want to drink? Make infused water or carbonated beverages to enjoy. If you want to have a grill-out on a budget, ask those invited to bring specific things. Someone bring a wine, someone bring a cheese, someone bring requested produce...

Here are some fun recipes I created for the classiest Saturday afternoon grill-out!

No kidding! A great spread of goat's milk cheeses

Ovalie Cendrée-  a goat cheese with a perfectly pungent bloomy rind from France produced by affineur Hervé Mons.

Organic Manouri- a soft, spreadable Greek cheese produced primarily in central and western Madeonia. This cheese is mild and similar to a French Chevre cheese, but has it's own unique Greek twang to it.

Cacio de Roma- this cheese is a semi-soft cheese made in the countryside of Rome. A common Italian household cheese, cacio means cheese in Italian, which makes the name of this sheep's milk wonder the Cheese of Rome.

Snøfrisk- a semi-hard varietal of Snøfrisk cheese produced by Tine of Norway, the same producers that make the world famous Jarlsberg cheese.

Did you try this yourself? Post a photo and tag @allthingsastred!

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