Brazilian Feijoada

Feijoada (after the Portuguese word feijão, meaning beans) is a stew consisting of beans, beef and pork. Often considered the national dish of Brazil, it is a celebratory dish served on weekends as a leisurely meal enjoyed throughout the day. Families and restaurants open their doors to serve their own variations of this classic dish. While this dish is considered a national dish of Brazil, similar dishes are served all around the world from Portugal & India to the Italian fagiolata and Greek fasolada.

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Brazilian feijoada is served with orange slices and wilted kale, often accompanied with farofa and smoked sausage. In different regions, the cooking is finished by topping the feijoada with cabbage, potatoes, okra, pumpkin, carrots and even sometimes bananas. While this is a common dish, coming across this dish without meat is not common at all. With that being said, this recipe is made vegan-style so that you can choose to keep it vegan or add the meat of your choice while preparing for a traditional feijoada. Travel well, live well and grab your apron so you can start eating well!

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