7 Recipes for the Perfect Aioli & Tartar Sauce

Updated: May 23, 2019

Aioli is a traditional Mediterranean sauce made from garlic and olive oil. Originally made heavy with garlic and without the use of eggs or lemon juice, the sauce has been modified over the years and areas in which it was used. Most recipes nowadays use egg, creating an emulsified, mayonnaise-like sauce perfect for dipping and using as an accent to many foods.

A sauce can truly make or break a good meal, so I created three main sauces to choose form with variations for each.

Whether you are looking for a classic aioli with egg and lemon juice, a tartar sauce, a roasted red pepper aioli, a tomato and basil aioli or an amazingly delicious vegan aioli, you are in the right place. Time to get saucy!

It is very important to remember when making an aioli, add the oil very slowly. I mean, veerrry slowly. If you rush the process, you will break the sauce and end up with a liquid-y thing that is not redeemable. If done right, you will have an amazing sauce.

Is your mouth ready? Check out the recipes below!

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