Gimme The Greens Pesto

Updated: May 27, 2019

Everyone loves a good pesto! The pesto we know and love was created in Genoa, Italy, but dates back to similar uses in the Roman era. Consisting of fresh nuts, herbs, healthy oils and amazing flavor, no wonder it has been used by humans throughout the years!

Nothing beats cutting fresh herbs to add into a good meal. Basil is one plant that looks beautiful, smells amazing and adds to so many recipes that I could not imagine living without it.

Fresh herbs really belong anywhere you put them. -Alex Guarnaschelli

Not being the biggest fan of pine nuts, when creating my pesto recipe, I wanted to have a different flavor- kind of nuts, eh? Making a version that was packed with flavor, nutrients and could be made vegan or with cheese was important for me as well.

I use a combination of basil with carrot greens in this recipe. When using the carrot greens, remove and use the leafy ends of the greens the same way you would parsley, cilantro or most herbs of the sort. Feel free to add the stems into your stock scraps container or compost bin. If you do not have access to carrot greens, that is fine! Replace the 1 cup of carrot greens with parsley, cilantro, basil or your favorite fresh herb.

This pesto packs a whopping array of health benefits from supplying a good source vitamins A, C, E, K, manganese, chlorophyll, calcium, iron, fiber, protein and lots of healthy fats. With the addition of nutritional yeast, you get the added bonus of a complete protein as well as vitamin B12.

Give your body a hug, grab your apron and pulse this pesto! Your mouth and tummy will thank you.

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