Peas & Carrots Pilaf

Pilaf is a rice dish cooked in a seasoned broth. Although believed to have started in ancient India and made its way to ancient Iran, many cultures have adapted variations of this dish; adding different spices, vegetables, fruits, meats and even pasta to the pilaf when cooking. Often, the rice is sautéed lightly to attain a golden color before adding liquid. I always sauté the aromatic ingredients to open them up before cooking the rice. Whether using onions, shallots, leeks, carrots, garlic or spices, make sure to sauté them without burning or overly browning them.

This recipe is simple. The pop from the peas & carrots are fun, but leave the focus on the entrée. It adds flavor as well as color without distraction. Wanna give it a try? Yes, peas!

Below are a few other ideas for some delicious pilaf flavor combinations. Feel free to get creative on your own or click on the combos below to see the recipes! Now that we have the bases covered, grab your apron and create this awesome base for some gooooood food. Eat well & enjoy!

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Variations and related recipes? Yes, please! Fennel, Onion & Nutmeg Pilaf Apricot Rose Pilaf Curry Pilaf with Fresh Herbs

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