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Updated: May 29, 2019

Having a good stock or broth on hand is great for so many uses, but the thought of making one at home sounds daunting and time consuming. Here's an easy way to create a stock or broth using ingredients some of you already have... and even throw away!

Every couple of weeks when I head to the grocery store, I pick up a whole organic chicken. A few reasons for this are that it is way cheaper than purchasing processed chicken, I can cook the chicken while hanging out or doing my morning workout and shower and finally I get to use all the leftovers to make an amazing chicken stock. 

Broths can be made from anything you want to extract into water. It does not contain bones and can be cooked for less time that stocks. Vegetable broth, meat broth, fish broth, etc... 

Stocks are made with bones and reduced over a longer period of time to fully extract the gelatin and flavor.

I make stocks and broths every week at work, so when I got home, I want to be able to make some for myself without making it feel like work.

The easiest way?

I keep a bowl in my fridge with a reusable silicon lid so every time I cook for myself at home, I place my vegetable scraps into a bowl and cover them. After I have utilized what I will of the chicken, I place it into a larger stock pot. As I get a decent amount of vegetable scraps, I place them in the stock pot along with additional veggies I want. When I am spending some time at home, I take a second to put the stock onto the stove and let it do it's thing!

Speaking of amazing chicken stock, here is the yummy and oh-so-easy recipe!

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