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Updated: May 29, 2019

Let's face it: life is chaotic.

We all spend our time and energy running around, meeting with people, getting things done, being adults....

If, while at the grocery store, we find a big sign that reads "locally grown!" suspended over produce that we need, we happily pick it up, put it into our shopping carts and pat ourselves on the back for being a good supporter of our community.

But what does that say about the culture that has been created? I find myself purchasing produce based on my intended recipe instead of creating a meal based on the local, seasonal produce that is available.

When looking into shopping local, one of the best places to start is your local farmer's market. Farmer's markets range from smaller markets with a more limited amount of produce available, to big, festive events with produce, breads, dairy, honey, material goodies and entertainment.

Once you start making the local connection, your resources for shopping within your community strengthen and before you know it, you are able to replace quite a number of items on your shopping list with fresh, locally sourced produce. Even if the winter months may leave you without a market to shop at, most vendors will provide a means for you to still have access to and support your local vendors.

How do you find out where to locate a market near you? 

The United States Department of Agriculture has compiled a national farmer's market directory. This gives people the resources to support and strengthen the local farmer's market, community and economy, wherever local is for you.

Eat, drink & shop local. Small businesses are the heartbeat of your neighborhood, the spine of your local economy, and the spirit of your town.


Want to find where the nearest market is to you? Click here to find out!

Take the Buy Local Challenge! Click here for tips and recipes to help you start making steps towards buying and supporting local. 

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